Meet Your virtual cmo.

Hey-o! I'm Casey Gromer. I'm a mom, MBA, business owner, and 20 year marketing veteran.

Like many of my clients, I began my career in the 9-5. I managed marketing teams for Fortune 100 companies and built multi-million dollar campaigns from the ground up.

I loved my j-o-b, but busy family life now commands more of my attention. For that reason, I believe in being intentional in both life and in business.

I help 7-figure business owners scale their businesses by taking the complicated marketing process off their plate.

√ I help them strengthen their strategy.

√ I plan their marketing campaigns.

√ I manage their marketing teams.

√ I simplify their analytics.

√ I help them boost ROI.

√ I give them their time back.

Because smart marketing can be achieved no matter what size you are!

What makes me qualified to run your marketing? Click here to read about my industry education and experience.