fractional CMO for small businesses and companies running on EOS®

What Is a Small Business CMO?

A Small Business CMO is a marketing leader who helps you turn more people into paying customers. They are accountable for driving growth, improving profitability, and increasing customer retention.

When it doesn’t make sense to add the expense of a full-time marketing expert, businesses can hire a Small Business CMO on demand for a fraction of the cost.

What happens when you hire a Small Business CMO?

  • higher return on investment

    In many companies, marketing is considered an expense because it’s not clear what value the efforts are bringing to the table. A Small Business CMO makes sense of the data to show how marketing is contributing to the company’s bottom line.

  • More of what’s working and less of what’s not

    Using data to understand which marketing tactics are helping you achieve your goals, A Small Business CMO will double down on what’s working and eliminate unnecessary expense.

  • Stronger customer relationships and better retention

    It costs 5x more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. A Small Business CMO plans for nurturing customer relationships.

  • Marketing is on the same page with leadership

    A Small Business CMO connected what’s happening in marketing to the business strategy so more and bigger goals are achieved.

  • Empowered marketing teams

    A Small Business CMO makes sure marketing teams are given the tools they need to do great work and make good decisions.

How can i support you?

Small business CMOs add instant marketing expertise to your business. We can support you with:


What's happening in the market

Finding the right message

Strengthening the vision and brand

Getting offers and pricing right

Tracking metrics and doing data analysis

finding best fit people to fill marketing roles

Creating efficient processes

Seeing the big picture and delivering results

Getting stuff done!

Can we help you?


I'm Casey Gromer

I'm your Small Business CMO. Companies just like you hire me to help their business reach its full growth potential.

I'm a strategic marketing leader, partner, and trusted advisor. I put strategies and systems in place to ensure the success of your marketing initiatives. Together, we put the right people doing the right things so you are able to save time, resources, and money. Once you have the structure, it’s easily repeatable to support your long term growth.

I’ve spent over 20 years leading marketing teams for Fortune 50 corporations and now work with companies with big visions.