What Is Marketing Growth Formula?

Small businesses are using the Marketing Growth Formula to change their approach to marketing. Rather than guessing what will work, they are able to thoughtfully plan and successfully execute smart marketing based on a proven system.

What’s the result? A calmer, more confident marketing plan that support business strategy and goals. And if the process is followed, it means less wasted time and more money to the bottom line.

  • The foundation of the Marketing Growth Formula system is the company vision. While many businesses have a vision, few can articulate it in a way defines a better future and inspires teams and customers to take action.
  • Once the vision is defined, the marketing strategy takes shape. Strategy is the litmus test for your business. It’s the set of written principles that provide guidelines for team members to make smart marketing (and business) decisions.
  • The plan, then, is the path created that connects your current state (now) to your future state (vision). What are the highest impact activities we can achieve and how do we use them to take small steps towards a bigger goal?
  • Who you choose to join you on this journey is as important as the path itself. Aligning team members to the vision means making sure you have the right people in the right seats. Do they understand their role? Can they connect what they do to the big picture? And do they have the right skills to do the job well.
  • The Marketing Growth Formula is not a once and done system. It’s an iterative process of strategizing, planning, implementing, analyzing, and communicating with consistency that provides the best results.

what does the Marketing Growth Formula process look like?

The Marketing Growth Formula process provides a proven system for putting all the pieces of your marketing together to give you confidence knowing your are spending time and money on the right things - making smart marketing decisions.


Getting Started

There are four phases of Marketing Growth Formula, but not every phase is useful to every stage of business.

When you're ready to get more from your marketing, schedule a complimentary 45-minute consultation with a Marketing Growth Formula implementor.

Your implementer will guide the conversation with questions about your business to help you decide if Marketing Growth Formula is a fit for you and which phases you might find most valuable.

Are you ready to get more from your marketing?

Book your complimentary 45-minutes consultation.

Tell Me More...

Our clients have better success with the Marketing Growth Formula system when they can dedicate 10-20 hours to dedicate to implementing each phase. That breaks down to:

  • Reading the complementary copy of A Fresh Wave of Marketing
  • Completing "homework" in the Marketing Growth Formula workbook between sessions
  • Attending two 3-hour strategy and planning sessions with the Marketing Growth Formula implementer
  • Following up with their Marketing Growth Formula implementer after the final session with follow up challenges and questions

What does it look like?



  • Know your why
  • Attract your tribe
  • Find your audience
  • Validate your idea
  • Stand out
  • Wow your customers

Phase 2: PLAN

  • Customer journey
  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing budget
  • Marketing metrics

Phase 3: PEOPLE

  • Accountability
  • Delegation
  • Strengths
  • Competence
  • Performance

Phase 4: PROCESS

  • Annual planning
  • Quarterly planning
  • Performance analysis
  • Communication
  • Hiring/firing

Do you want to make smart marketing decisions?

When you are ready to discuss how Marketing Growth Formula system might work for your business, book your complimentary 45-minute consultation.