“What really draws me to this business is the power we have, as marketers, to change the world.”

Never have I heard someone say,

“I want to work so much that I never see my kids or my spouse or my friends again.”

No one goes into a business intending to give up all the things they enjoy in life.

But that’s exactly what happened to me.

I spent 15 years leading marketing teams for Corporate America, and while I loved the work and loved the people, I lost ME.

I led high stress projects and was on-call 24/7. I was constantly on my phone, working through lunch and dinner, and passing up activities with people I loved. In the midst of this high stress work, I started my family. As an “older mom” (I was 34 when my first babe was born), I knew I couldn’t keep up this pace and still be the parent my kids needed.

Casey Gromer Virtual Marketing Officer1

I know better now.

The knowledge and experience I gained leading corporate teams gave me the perfect foundation to help other small and mid-sized business owners. By creating marketing systems and processes, I help visionary business owners and their leadership teams step away from the day-to-day overwhelm by putting the right people in the right places to keep the focus on the vision of the business.

I am a Fractional CMO and Marketing Integrator. And I support CEO's and their leadership teams so they can succeed in business without the burnout, late nights, cancelled dates, missed activities, high stress, and health issues.



My clients get the most value out of our relationship when they are:

  • Implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System and need a marketing leader to hold accountable for the success of their marketing function
  • Looking for a systematic and strategic approach to planning, implementing, and evaluating marketing programs
  • Looking for better oversight to how marketing channels are performing or if they are contributing to the bottom line
  • Burnt out on lead generation and need their marketing dollars to go further
  • Evaluating the performance of their marketing resources (freelancers, agencies, or employees) for the right fit
  • Adding to the marketing team and need help making their next best hire


A little about me:

I am addicted to personality tests.

I am an ENTJ, a Kolbe Fact Finder, and a 3w2 on the Enneagram. My CliftonStrengths are Communication, Strategic, Focus, Achiever, and Competition

I am married with three active kids

who are both the center of my universe and also the reason I meditate.

My family lives in Nisswa, MN.

We moved here several years ago to follow our dream of living on a lake and waking up each day to the beauty of Mother Nature.

I am a lifelong learner.

I have my undergrad in marketing my MBA from Iowa State University.

I spent 15 years leading

corporate marketing teams for Fortune 100 companies like Wells Fargo, United Healthcare and GMAC.

My background is in

marketing strategy, marketing planning, and project management.

I’ve worked with businesses

ranging from $500,000 to $200 billion. This gives me a unique perspective.

I’m funny.  Just ask me.

(But don’t ask my husband. We never seem to agree on anything.)

It’s time for a fresh wave of marketing.

Are you ready to get out of the day-to-day and step into your role as CEO?