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Marketing funnel. Sales funnel. Funnel hacker. Funnel swipe files.

Have you heard any of these marketing buzzwords lately?

Funnels are a huge marketing buzz word. Funnels are being touted as an easy way to make quick money. They allow you to grow your business passively. You can reach masses of people without actually talking directly to any of them. You can “hack” or “swipe” your way to your next million dollars.

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Grab my free Customer Journey template to help you stay focused on long-term return.

These templates do work.


But these flashy funnels can be somewhat short-sighted. There is typically more focus on increasing sales, maximizing exposure and driving activity than on the customer experience. Just like it sounds, the customer is being “funneled” along a conveyor belt and are at risk of being turned off by “sleazy sales” tactics and feeling “tricked” into buying.


Another drawback of this type of sales funnel is that it typically stops at the point the buyer makes a purchase. It looks like it sounds, just like a funnel. As many leads as possible are dropped in to the top and funneled down into a purchase. At each segment of a funnel, people drop out until you are left with the ones who actually buy.


But what happens to those people who turn into customer?


Approaching your marketing funnel from the perspective of the customer journey changes the focus from maximizing sales and revenue (company-centric) to serving customers and building relationships (customer-centric).


Which approach do you think is going to provide the better return on investment in the long-term?


Grab my free Customer Journey template for to help you switch your perspective to serving the customer so you can stay focused on marketing activity that will provide a greater long-term return.


Be sure to watch the video training for ways to increase customer lifetime value and decrease ongoing marketing costs by meeting your customers where they are both before AND after the purchase.