FREE Trello Board: Strategic Marketing Objectives

When most people think of marketing, they think of the glamorous, creative side of marketing -- elegant logos, eye-catching websites, and colorful brochures.

While marketing is all of those fun things, it’s also all the other things your business does in order to promote and sell your stuff.

As your business grows, there will ultimately be more of those “other things” you need to do to remain profitable. As the list of those “other things” piles up, you’ll realize that marketing can get away from you. It can get a life of its own if you don’t have sound systems and processes in place to manage it all.


Marketing operations is what I use to turn your company’s vision into a marketing action plan.

The term “operations” can be a bit overwhelming for many visionaries, but you don’t have to let it scare you. Marketing operations is simply building a foundation for excellence by reinforcing marketing strategy with metrics, process, infrastructure, and best practices.

One of the tools I use to “operationalize” clients’ marketing is a Trello board that outlines strategic marketing objectives for the year.

This simply means that we define what you want your marketing to do for you during the year and make a plan of action to get there.

We make it efficient.

Those objectives are closely aligned to your annual business goals and are the first step to defining how you plan to move towards achieving those goals.

I hear many business owners say they choose not to spend a lot of time on an annual plan because things change so quickly and their plan is out of date before it’s even published.

While the market does change quickly, a strategic marketing plan can and should be flexible.

However, failing to look ahead in your business is like flying blind.

Without a plan, you will constantly be in reactionary mode instead of doing proactive work to move the needle in your business.

Planning your strategic marketing objectives in advance puts you in the driver’s seat instead of allowing your business to run you.

Download my free Trello template for a glimpse into one of the marketing planning processes I help my clients implement in their business.

This system is repeatable and scalable -- meaning you can use it for quarterly or annual planning cycles -- and it grows as you grow.

Be sure to watch the video training to understand the 5 major marketing levers you can pull to affect the growth of your business and how to prioritize those efforts each quarter.