Free Marketing Dashboard

Track Your Marketing Performance

The thing about marketing is that it doesn’t come cheap.

Many businesses fork out big money and spend lots of precious time just to get noticed.

Wouldn’t it be a huge drag to learn all that time and money spent to promote your products or services turns out to be a waste?

But businesses do it all the time.

They keep spending money to market their business without having any clue if the money they spend is working for them or not. And because they aren’t getting any feedback from their campaigns, they keep spending money even though the campaign is not working.

It makes me sad to see this happen to business owners who have such a deep passion for what they do.

To keep my clients from falling into the trap of wasteful spending, I help them set up dashboards to track the success of their marketing activity.


Collecting information about marketing performance not only indicates how well campaigns are working, but also provides insight for making future decisions.

Many businesses shy away from dashboards because they are full of spreadsheets and numbers.

In today’s world of information and technology, there is often such an abundance of data, that visionary business owners are overwhelmed and confused by the reporting rather than clear and enlightened.

The key to a successful dashboard is actually to reduce the amount of information commanding time and attention.

Often times, I find that my clients are so deep into their data -- website data, email data, paid advertising data, automation data, SEO data, social media data -- that they couldn’t form any intelligent assessment if they wanted to.

I help my clients focus on the marketing metrics that really matter so they can tune out all the other noise and focus on the activities that move the needle forward.

There isn’t one single formula that outlines which data is most important. It’s different for each business based on strategic goals and objectives.

Download my free Marketing Dashboard template for a glimpse into one of the simple, but impactful, marketing analytics processes I help my clients implement in their business.

This dashboard is repeatable and scalable -- meaning you can use it for monthly or quarterly performance reviews -- and it changes as your business progresses.

Be sure to watch the video training to learn how to make this dashboard work for you and for tips on defining which marketing metrics are most important to your business.