To fully step into your role as CEO and visionary of your company, find someone you trust to help you implement your vision.

Work with a marketing leader focused on growing product-based businesses

The whole idea of stepping into your role as CEO and visionary is to get yourself out of the day-to-day details so you can focus on the big picture of growing your business.

Having a Chief Marketing Officer for hire at your side means a trusted professional will optimize your company’s marketing activity, keep your team accountable, and systematize the day-to-day management of your teams so you don’t have to.

Marketing Growth Formula

Not quite ready to bring your Chief Marketing Officer for hire on board?

Marketing Growth Formula is a strategic planning and implementation system that gives you tools and systems to set your business and your teams up for efficient growth. 

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Create guiding principles to align your team and your marketing.



Marketing systems and processes you need to plan and prioritize the work.



Build your team with just the right people you need to help you get it all done.

If you're ready to take the next step in marketing, let's book a call to discuss if this program is the right fit for you.

other ways to work with casey

Monthly Consulting

If you struggle to stay focused on the marketing activities that provide the most value, this monthly service could be just the thing you need to steer you back on track.

  • Keep your marketing goals on track
  • Track and analyze marketing performance
  • Mange your budget
  • Manage your marketing plan



Mini Marketing Sessions

marketing strategy

60-minute call for a clarity on your marketing strategy.


marketing planning

90-minute planning sessions to get your marketing plan in order.


Systems & Processes

90-minute session to set up one of your marketing system.


Let's chat about...

VIP Days

starting at $1500

If you want to fast track your marketing, a VIP session might be a good fit. 

Ask me about VIP days for creating your marketing strategy and systems.


Full- or half-day workshops are perfect for groups of small business owners or teams looking to up-level their marketing.


Need a speaker for your next event?

Sample Topics:

  • Better Together - Building a marketing team to help you grow
  • Forget the complicated funnels - Creating a "WOW" worthy customer journey
  • Stand Out - Using your unique message to attract the right customers


I approach marketing in a different way.

When people think marketing, they think facebook ads, promoting their offers on social media, getting PR attention, and alllll of the other means of getting visible.

The truth of it is: none of that stuff will work unless you build your foundations and systems out first.

The magic happens when everything else then can fall into place.


We all want new eyes on our business; that’s the way we grow in revenue and profit.

But applying marketing tactics for the outcome of vanity numbers is a business-centered strategy.

This is where my fresh approach comes in.

I believe:

The consumer is always the heart of the company vision. A vision driven by customer impact rather than greed and manipulation will always be more successful in the long term.

I believe:

The health and well-being of our society is the foundation of the hierarchy of needs. When we support and encourage our community members to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle choices, our entire planet benefits.

I believe:

The success of small businesses is imperative to our country’s economic foundation. There is no reason that small businesses should not have access to the same tools for success as large corporations. 

Just think about it.

If you put yourself in the shoes of your audience or consumer base, would you appreciate the marketing efforts that your own brand is putting out, from a human perspective?

This is why we center the entire marketing strategy and plan around the customer.

Even though marketing goals are analyzed by way of tangible results (you know, the indicators like number of increased traffic or clicks or followers), but intangible result (number of humans impacted for the better) is truly based on what is important to the customer: their needs, their preferences, knowing the timing of what they want to hear at the point at each point of the customer journey.

It’s a customer-experience marketing perspective.

Because we all want to be treated well and cared for.

Focus on your customer experience.

This is the basis of strategic marketing.